Senior citizen university program (U3A)

THE SENIOR CITIZEN UNIVERSITY PROGRAM (U3A) is a special project addressed to the seniors of the city and achieved through a partnership between the UBB Foundation, the EduNation Association and the Cluj-Napoca City Hall. The project aims to promote the concept of lifelong learning by offering informal education programs and creating opportunities to update and enrich the knowledge of the elderly through lectures that popularize science and include various fields of interest (psychology, sociology, law, public administration, literature, public health, financial education, theater, etc.). The project aims to actively keep the elderly integrated in the society and capitalize on their experience by involving them in community projects.


THE SENIOR CITIZEN UNIVERSITY PROGRAM will take place during the academic year with the support of the teaching community of UBB and other universities in Cluj-Napoca on a voluntary basis. Initially, it targets a group of over 50 seniors from the Day Center for the Elderly of Cluj Napoca City Hall, but the goal is to broaden this target in the following years.