Valorisation of old trees in UBB parks in Cluj-Napoca – Information, education and public awareness


Under the auspices of the Alma Mater Napocensis Foundation, a team of UBB teachers and students proposes a project to inform, educate and raise public awareness about the importance of remarkable trees in the Cluj-Napoca parks managed by UBB.

The celebration of remarkable secular trees in the parks of UBB is a natural and necessary activity for the Centenary of UBB; these living organisms are the only witnesses and survivors of the beginnings of the Romanian university (1919 -2019). The initiative is in line with the objectives and / or aspirations of the “UBB Goes Green” Strategy and those of the UBB Biodiversity and Sustainable Development Commission.

Lect. Dr. Viorel Arghiuș, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tibor Hartel, Lect. Dr. Vlad Măcicășan, Gabriela Popa, together with students from the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Biology and Geology will design and publish on the website of the UBB Foundation an electronic catalogue of old trees in the UBB parks. Also, informative tourist panels that include the locations of the trees and the tourist access routes will be created for each park. Fencing and protection systems for very old trees, as well as warning signs for the possible dangers that may occur (in the case of secular poplars) will be installed. 

After the end of the project, we wish to propose its extension to other institutions that manage green spaces – at the municipal level and even at the level of the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca.