The main purpose of the “Alma Mater Napocensis” Foundation is to support education, research and administration, as well as social or humanitarian objectives of community interest.

The instruments through which the Foundation aims to achieve its goal are as follows:

  • organizing courses, conferences, other scientific and educational events, personal and professional development events;
  • promoting the image of Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai by organizing homage events, awarding titles, prizes, disseminating research results;
  • developing its own infrastructure and making it available to UBB for educational or research activities;
  • supporting technology transfer activities and setting up start-ups;
  • granting scholarships;
  • cooperation with local, regional or central authorities for objectives of general interest;
  • twinning/concluding partnership agreements with other cities through the use of university contacts or with other universities from abroad in order to contribute to the internationalization of the local community;
  • organizing festivals, educational fairs, etc .;
  • implementing social activism actions for public interest – community involvement – humanitarian actions, social actions, democratization, awareness of public interest issues, promotion of public participation;
  • organizing social networking events for the academic and professional community;
  • conducting civic activism campaigns;
  • organizing public debates on general interest topics, such as urban development, democracy and public participation, citizenship lobby, etc.