Senior citizen university program (U3A) – 2019-2020 academic year

During the academic year 2019-2020, until March, an important number of courses took place in the Senior center no. 1 and no. 2 in Cluj-Napoca. They were organized modularly, trying to cover a multitude of areas, depending on the interests of the target group (approx. 120 seniors).

The volunteers got involved with a lot of passion and showed professionalism and openness in developing and making scientific information accessible for the seniors.

Comparative constitutional systems – Associate Professor Dr. Emil Boc (inaugural course)

Introduction to public administration – Lecturer univ. Dr. Hudrea Adrian

Friendly and accessible cities for seniors – Associate professor dr. Neamțu Bogdana

Leadership, organizational culture and public marketing – Lecturer univ. Dr. Țiclău Tudor

Public administration organization – Lecturer. univ. Dr. Ranta Anca,

Being elderly, a window with two sides: me and the society – Psychologist Călin Căpraru

 What is to be elderly? (medically, psychologically, socially) – Psychologist Călin Căpraru

Changes in the body and thinking – Psychologist Călin Căpraru

How to compensate for physical, emotional and mental changes – Psychologist Călin Căpraru

Nutrition: How to eat healthy? – Bianca Filipoi

Ten destinations to see in a lifetime – Prof. univ. Dr. Violeta Pușcașu – special guest

Healthy aging and fragility – Researcher Dr. Mădălina Coman

Principles of healthy eating – Researcher Dr. Andreea Hostina

How to read and understand medical information – Researcher Mădălina Coman

Emotional health for the elderly – Researcher Dr. Marina Dascăl

Legal education – Judge Dr. Cristi Danileț

Safety issues that seniors may face – Cosma Anca

Cybercrime – Prof. univ. Dr. Ioana Vasiu

Social media and fake news– Prof. univ. dr. Delia Balaban Bălaș

Parties and electoral systems in democracy – Lect. univ. Dr. Jiglău George

Citizens’ access to information of public interest and citizens’ participation in decision-making in the administration – Lect. univ. Dr. Bianca Radu

Political culture in democracies – Prof. univ. Dr. Bădescu Gabriel

Media education – Lect. univ. Dr. NistorViorel

When hormones change our lives – Assoc. Dr. Roșioru Corina

Osteoporosis requires a change of attitude – Assoc. Dr. Roșioru Corina

A young brain at any age – Assoc. Dr. Roșioru Corina

What does the brain tell us? – Assoc. Dr. Roșioru Corina

The importance of attachment in relationships during adulthood – Psychologist Julia Avram

Who am I in a relationship? – Psychologist Julia Avram

 About authenticity, vulnerability and courage – Psychologist Julia Avram

Relaxation techniques and connection with the authentic self – Psychologist Julia Avram

Dialogue on self-medication – Dr. Laura Oltean, UMF

Infectious Diseases – Dr. Jucan Cosmin, UMF

Educating the patient with hypertension and diabetes – Dr. Chicișan Raluca, UMF

Health and Mental Illness – What Are Mental Disorders? – Lect. univ. dr. Simona Ștefan

Grandparents and grandchildren – Prof. univ. Dr. Anca Dobrean

Positive emotions and well-being – Drd. Alexandru Zorilă

First Aid in Mental Health – Drd. Pop Gabriela / Drd.Bud Samuel

A life with meaning and significance – Drd. Blaga Petronela

Loneliness and community – Drd. Pop Doris

Fears of the elderly – Dr. Cardos Roxana / Drd. Alina Petrut

Discover well-being – Assist. univ. Dr. Simion Anca Georgiana

Music in everyday context– Assist. univ. Dr. Simion Anca Georgiana

Effectiveness vs. Efficiency – Assist. univ. Dr. Simion Anca Georgiana

Discover sounds and emotions – Assist. univ. Dr. Simion Anca Georgiana

Practice well-being – Assist. univ. Dr. Simion Anca Georgiana

Introductory course. Art in the Antiquity – Trușcan Ioana

History of Egyptian Art: The Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, the New Kingdom – Sînziana Stanese

History of Greek Art: the Archaic Period, the Classical Period, the Hellenistic Period – Trușcan Ioana

History of Roman Art: the Republic, Pompeii, the Empire – Trușcan Ioana

Byzantine Art. Paleo-Christian Art – Trușcan Ioana

Romanesque Art. Gothic Art – Trușcan Ioana

Photography – general aspects – Adela Galfi & Maria Liteanu

History of photography – Adela Galfi & Maria Liteanu

Photographic rules – Adela Galfi & Maria Liteanu

Photography – Technical aspects – Adela Galfi & Maria Liteanu

Famous photographers and their works – Adela Galfi & Maria Liteanu

Photography – Practical course – Adela Galfi & Maria Liteanu

Photographic manipulation – Adela Galfi & Maria Liteanu


Thank you for joining us in this special project for the elderly of our city.